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Winter up North is gorgeous! Still, you may want to adjust your travel time in order to get the most out of it. We operate February - mid April.

Why travel to the Yukon to see the Northern Lights?
Canada's Yukon Territory has repeatedly been rated as the best place to see the Northern Lights, and here are a few reasons why:

  • close proximity to magnetic North Pole, which the Aurora Borealis are drawn towards
  • an interior climate which is dry, with mostly stable winter weather and therefore fewer cloud covered nights
  • a very low population density which makes for a clear view without smog or light pollution

Best time to see the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis - can be seen as long as the nights are dark. Which is up until early May! So no worries there, if they are active and the sky is clear, you'll see them even when you travel in March or April. 

New Moon or Full Moon?

Well, of course the less light there is, the better the view of the Aurora. Especially, when the short term activity level is low. However, getting an Aurora display with the full moon in the background makes for unbeatable pictures - some of our best Aurora shots actually include a full moon!

Spring and Fall Equinox's are said to be most successful for Northern Lights viewing, especially around the 48hrs prededing or following the equinox. It's worth a shot!

Will I see the Aurora at all?

As with all nature phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis show up when they like to. Or, scientifically speaking, when space weather conditions are favorable. There are certain means to predict Aurora Activity, but nothing increases your chances better than staying up late, watching the sky and be ready when it happens! If you like to learn more about the phenomenon itself, you can browse through these websites: /

Latest Solar Activity - 2014/2015 probably the most active winter in this cycle!

Solar Cycle 24 NASA



Dogsledding can be done all winter. For quick half-day or single day tours, any time of the season is fine. For multi-day dogmushing trips or expeditions, we recommend booking mid March onwards, when the days are long and beautiful and temperatures range in a more comfortable zone to be out the entire day. 



We arrange your snowmobile tour according to your level of fitness and comfort and according to weather conditions. All winter is good for snowmobiling. 





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