FAQ's: Booking, Northern Lights & the Yukon

How can I book a tour with Yukon Winter Adventures?
please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details on the booking procedure. 

How to I get to the Yukon?
There are 2 airlines serving the Yukon during winter - www.aircanada.ca or www.flyairnorth.com 

Can I book flights with Yukon Winter Adventures?
Yes - we can offer rates with Air North, Yukon's Airline, from and to all their destinations. For schedules and destinations, visit www.flyairnorth.com 

What happens after I reach Whitehorse?
- if your program starts the same day: you will be picked up by Alpine Aviation and brought to the small aircraft departure. From there, you take off into the Wild and after about 30minutes of scenic panoramic flying, you will reach your home base Tagish Wilderness Lodge. 

- if you have booked a hotel prior to your program: all major hotels operate free courtesy shuttle from the airport to downtown, you will find them outside the terminal waiting.

- for some programs involving a dogsled transfer to the Lodge: you will be picked up by a van shuttle and transferred to Tagish (approx. 1h15), where you will get ready for the ride on the dogsled across the frozen lake to the Lodge. 

Can I start my program on the same day I get to Whitehorse?
Basically, yes. If your flight arrives no later than 3h30pm in Whitehorse, we are able to fly you out into the wilderness the same day. Still, flying small aircrafts requires daylight and enough visibility so we always rely on the weather to cooperate. If you feel more comfortable having a "buffer" day in Whitehorse on one or either end of your program with Yukon Winter Adventures, we can help you arrange an additional night in a downtown hotel.

Can I book my return flight on the same day I finish my tour with Yukon Winter Adventures?
With most of our winter tours, yes you can. However, please note that - as mentioned above - we do need daylight for your skiplane flight from the Lodge to Whitehorse, so we are unable to cater to any flights leaving Whitehorse earlier than 10am. 

I am a single traveller - can I still book with Yukon Winter Adventures?
Of course. There are rates for single travellers for each of our programs, and we even have some alternative transfer options which result in more attractive package rates for you travelling alone. 

Will I see the Northern Lights during full moon?
Some of our most spectacular pictures have been taken during full moon. While being somewhat predictable on a broad yearly scale and on a short-term basis (around 72hours), the Northern Lights remain generally unpredictable and their showing up depends on a lot more than a certain moon phase. If you want to take out that variable, you may want to choose a date with less moonlight. Looking at moonrise and moonset times for Whitehorse also helps to determine how much of the night is actually moonlit at a certain date. 

See here for more information on the best time to travel.

I want to take pictures of the Aurora - where can I learn to do that?
Your host Gebhard is a keen photographer and he is happy to share his knowledge with you, helping you set up your camera for the night and instructing you on exposure, ISO and everything else you need to know. There is a tripod available for you to borrow from Tagish Wilderness Lodge.

Can I book activities like dog sledding or snowmobiling on the spot?
You can book snowmobiling on the spot. For dog sledding, our mushers need to know in advance, ideally at the time of booking or else 2-3 weeks prior arrival. If you'd like to have everything taken care of in advance, we recommend our all-inclusive Yukon Winter Sampler program. 

What experience do I need to join a dog sledding tour or snowmobile ride?
We design our programs and activities around your abilities. You do not need any experience in dogmushing or other activities. We have very easy tours - such as our dogsledding half day ad-on - which are very suitable for beginnners and during which you can choose to sit in the sled as a passenger, if you like. If you like to run your own dogteam, you should know that it requires a good physical condition and sence of balance - dog sledding can be compared to skiing in terms of effort. Our mushers will teach you everything you need to know in order to enjoy your dogsleding experience. For the more adventurous, we have multi-day dog sledding tours and expeditions available as well, where you learn all the details about dog care and dogmushing. 

We collect health information from every participant, this serves the purpose of us being able to determine the right level of activity for you, and to provide well-fitted winter equipment for your stay. 

What equipment shall I bring to the Yukon?
Most of our packages already include the rental of heavy duty winter equipment for the entire stay. This includes a parka, snowpants, boots, mitten and a tuque. If you undertake any additional activities such as dog sledding or snowmobiling, you will be given a facemask for protection. 
The rental equipment is usually worn on top of your own winter gear, depending on the activity you do. We will include a suggested pack list with your booking confirmation to give you an idea of what can be useful. 

The winter gear will be delivered to your hotel in Whitehorse or directly to the airport so you can change into "polar gear" before heading out into the wilderness. 

How cold does it get in the Yukon?
Very cold. Do you really want to know the details :-)? Despite what the mercury might say, the dry and mostly sunny weather is percieved as quite bearable. Plus, you'll be wearing tough winter gear. 

How much daylight does the Yukon get? I heard it's dark most of the time...
The Yukon gains about 6 minutes of daylight every day following the winter solstice (DEC 21). So, by beginning of March, our days are more than 10hours long already, with long periods of twilight and lots of time to spend outside. Soon after that, our days become already longer than in the South. And the nights are still dark enough to enjoy the Northern Lights. How perfect is this?!


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