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Yukon Winter Adventure is a plattform for a handful of carefully selected partners, including remote Tagish Wilderness Lodge, the classic Southern Lakes Resort, professional dogmushers of Tagish Lake Kennel and outdoor expert Taiga Journeys. All of us are experts in our fields, conntected either through our passion for the outdoors, the proximity to each and the potential of combining our services into a well-rounded winter holiday just for you. With a highly personalized service, we provide you with a unique and taylor-made Yukon Winter Experience.

michelle phillips

Michelle Phillips

Michelle Phillips has run dogs for 15 years. Her race history includes competing in the Percy De Wolfe, the Kobuk 440, the Klondike 300, the Cantwell Classic, the Gin Gin (best finish 3rd), the Denali Doubles and the Copper Basin. Michelle Phillips is a six-time competitor in the Yukon Quest, with a personal best finish of 4thplace.

Michelle Phillips has earned “Rookie of the Year” in both the Percy De Wolfe and the Copper Basin races. In 2010 Michelle completed her first Iditarod, placing 27th out of 71 mushers. The next year saw Michelle finish 17th out of 62 in the Iditarod after also competing in the Yukon Quest.

Michelle was honoured to receive the Herbie Nayokpuk Award, presented to the musher who best exemplifies the sportsmanship and love of dogs that Mr. Nayokpuk demonstrated in his life.

Michelle Phillips took first place in the 2013 Yukon Quest 300, beating Aliy Zirkle by a mere eight seconds in a thrilling race to the finish line.

In 2014, Michelle competed in the Iditarod for her fifth time, crossing the finish line in 20th place among over 60 teams that started “The Last Great Race.”

ed hopkins

Ed Hopkins

Ed Hopkins began his mushing career in 1986. In all, Ed has run the Yukon Quest six times and earned the prestigious Yukon Quest Sportsmanship Award. In 2011, he ran in the Kobuk 440 and placed 2nd in the Yukon Quest 300. Ed Hopkins is a 12-time competitor in the Percy De Wolfe, crossing the finish line first in 1999 and 2007. He has also won the Caledonia Classic 200 and the Caledonia Classic 150 for which he holds the track record. 

Ed Hopkins has been awarded the Percy De Wolfe Sportsmanship Award three times, the Humane Society Award and the Vet's Choice Award.

Michelle Phillips and Ed Hopkins run Tagish Lake Kennel. Combined, they have 45 years' experience mushing dogs in mid-distance and longer races.

When Michelle, Ed and their dogs take you for a ride, you get a first-hand impression of the life of a musher. You will be impressed at how friendly and extremely eager her dogs are and how much fun it is to ride them. If anyone can teach you how to mush and take care if your dogteam - it is Michelle. She takes great pride in the care of her dogs and she has lots of love for them. Whether you book a short half-day loop or a multi-day dogmushing, you'll hardly find a more intimate, one-one-one experience!

Gebhard Zuern & Sarah Stuecker

Sarah & Gebhard are the founders of Yukon Winter Adventures. They have chosen a handful of partners and other small businesses which fit their requirement of a highly personalized service and uniqueness in offer. You will be communicating with them for any of your booking through this website. They ensure you get the program you are looking for and are happy to answer any questions about your journey to and within the Yukon's Winter Wonderland. 

Parallel to Yukon Winter Adventures, Sarah & Gebhard own & operate the remote Tagish Wilderness Lodge, the home base of most of your Yukon winter adventures. They also operate the newly opening Southern Lakes Resort, also part of the products offered here on Yukon Winter Adventures. Wherevery you'll choose to stay - at some point, you probably are going to meet either of those two passionate outdoors-people and entrepreneurs.


Gebhard is your man for all things outdoors - he made himself a reputation of being a very skilled fisherman, as well as a passionate outdoorsman, always striving for perfection and discovering new territories. He takes you on snowmobiling trips and takes great pride in showing you our pristine nature and explain everything about wildlife and the ecology of this very special place. 

Gebhard is an avid outdoorsman and mountaineer who grew up in the Swiss Alps, spending much of his free time climbing mountains and tracking animals. Later on, his travels and different jobs in the travel industry led him to Cambodia, where he successfully ran a hotel and a tour company for almost 3 years, before heading North to follow the call of the Wild. 

Since being in the Yukon, he has become a keen photographer with his own small business - Timberwolf Photography - and he is more than happy to help you get the best Aurora picture!

sarah stuecker

Sarah is responsible for your well-being while you stay at Tagish Wilderness Lodge. She's a very good cook and loves to surprise you with her Asian inspired menus, all the while making sure you don't lack anything for a relaxing nap in your cabin or a visit to the herbal sauna. She also is very knowledgeable about the resident wildlife and takes you on walks and snowshoeing hikes, showing and explaining the fresh animal tracks you find along the way.

Her entire career, Sarah has worked in the tourism and hospitality industry. She has spent time in the incoming and hotel industry, as well as tour operating, contracting and quality management. She is a determined woman and former athlete who has found her home in the vast Yukon Wilderness and her passion in wild animals and their behaviour.

mc leroux

Marie-Claude Leroux

Marie-Claude - or MC as she likes to be called - has gathered extensive guiding experience for different mushers and now works with Michelle for their summer tours. MC is passionate about her dogs and their training. She is an outdoor person and doesn't mind the cold. She knows her dogs inside out and makes sure everyone can keep up and loves the challenge of bringing a young dog up to speed or leading one back into a competing team who at first doesn't seem to "get the hang of it". MC's cheerful nature makes the sun shine even on a cloudy day!

nial conroy

Nial Conroy

A talented welder by trade, Nial is a very skilled handyman with a happy bunch of dogs. Originally from BC, he has made the Yukon his home many years ago, working for the White Pass and Yukon route during the summers. Nial has exceptional outdoor and survival skills and has mastered the art of wilderness camping, an invaluable quality during the harsh northern winters. His loyal dogs used to be his main mean of transport during winter and go everywhere with him, helping him break trails so the guests can enjoy a smooth ride later in the season. Nial often does the short half-day loops or day tours with his partner MC adn their dogs, when Michelle and Ed are out racing.

  Their passion for the outdoors take MC and Nial out camping and exploring whenever they can. They enjoy a lifestyle many people can only dream of. And they are more than happy to let you have part in it!

andrea altherr

Andrea Altherr

Andrea has been guiding outdoor adventures in the Yukon since 2000. She grew up mountaineering in the Swiss mountains and found, after moving to Whitehorse, a new passion in exploring the vast Yukon back-country. She combines exploring with her contagious passion for nature and curiosity about nature never stops for her.
Andrea runs her tour company Taiga Journeys based in Whitehorse. Andrea, specialized in nature interpretation, will guide only small groups to guarantee your special Yukon experience. A trip with Taiga Journeys will lead to a special corner of the Yukon and will make your trip to a journey into your mind to rejuvenate your spirit and to nourish your soul.

alpine aviation

Alpine Aviation

Alpine Aviation is our reliable partner for everything transport. They have a small fleet of skiplanes, including a DeHavilland Beaver, with which you will enjoy a breathtaking flight over mountains and alpine plateaus, to land on the frozen airfield on Tagish Lake, in front of the Lodge. 

They provide pick-up and drop-off service from your hotel to the small aircraft departure strip, so you don't have to worry about transfers - everything is taken care of!

  Tagish Wilderness Lodge is located only miles away from the impressive coastal Alaskan mountains. So if you like to extend your flight and take a loop over the glaciers before heading back, let us know and we provide you with a quote for a panoramic flight!


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